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86Research's team of professionals offers in-depth knowledge of China's TMT and Consumer markets. We provide state-of-art research services to help overseas investors identify extraordinary investment opportunities in China's Internet and Media, eCommerce, Online Travel, Online Entertainment, O2O sectors, Lodging, and Education. We also pay special attention to the China operations of global companies, which are increasingly important to their performance.

Our research philosophy emphasizes companies that demonstrate:

86Research Team is led by C. Ming Zhao, Head of Research. Ming is the founder of 86Research. Prior to 86Research, Ming had over a dozen years of research experience in Chinese technology sectors. His most recent profession was a senior analyst at SIG, covering Chinese ADRs for seven years. Ming also worked for China Eagle Securities and Huaan Fund Management for over three years before moving to the U.S. Ming graduated from the University of Pittsburgh (MBA), Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (MS), and Beijing University of Posts and Telecom (BE). Ming is a CFA and FRM holder.

Our Asia-based research team is led by Charlie Chai. Charlie joined 86Research in 2014, and his research experience spans online entertainment, cloud computing, and autonomous driving. He graduated summa cum laude from Middlebury College and received a Master of Finance degree from MIT Sloan. Charlie is a CFA holder.

Our institutional sales team is led by Scott Morrison. Scott began his career at Salomon Brothers, Schroders, and Credit Suisse, covering institutional clients. Subsequently, he got an early start in China research sales coverage when he built and led the sales force at TMT & China Independent Research Provider, Terra Nova Institutional, and then, NY Global. Subsequently, Scott served as a managing partner in a newly formed Chicago / NYC private placement broker-dealer, McClendon, Morrison, and Partners. He is a graduate of Wake Forest University and Emory University, MBA, and is based in NYC and South Florida.

Corporate Access

86Research highlights corporate access as a core business in its daily operations. 86Research analysts and sales representatives work proactively and closely with clients to talk to corporate management and industry professionals.

We organize a variety of activities and events for institutional clients to provide knowledge about subjects industries and companies, including:

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